Baltimore, Maryland

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©AG 2023
Amira Green
Baltimore, Maryland

©AG 2023

I’ve taken quite the break from my strange little art practice. Taking a break has been full of learning and being surprised and pushing myself to do other things, things that I couldn’t envision myself doing before. Things that kind of always scared me. It’s been exhilirating, and its part of what the practice probably should have always been. As it continues, this site will function as an archive and probably nothing more. Soon enough I’m sure that I’ll find myself compelled to pick up a brush, or a camera. In the meantime, you can bet that I’m still somewhere being creative.

- AG

Amira Green (she/her/hers) (b. 1997)
is an artist from Baltimore, Maryland

(the greatest city in America).

Practicing across disciplines. 

Currently designing at 

Kamp Grizzly.

Always learning.

See contact link for inquiries.

Photo by Marqel Allen (2022)

Juneteenth 2023

Year 4 of designing promo for Diamon Fisher’s Juneteenth celebration in Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore native and community organizer Diamon Fisher creates spaces where Black people can reflect, reclaim joy, and deepen community bonds. 

“I am an individual in the sense that I am distinct from other people. However, I know that who I am hugely depends on who I’m surrounded by and the things I will experience throughout my lifetime. I am a combined effort of everything and everyone who has ever crossed my path. A human is like a communal work of art - Everyone that interacts with you will leave some sort of mark, and that series of marks left by the people you meet and the things that you see will eventually shape you”

Amira Green - Untitled, Note To Self (2014)

photo by Marqel Allen (above)

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